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Why Dog Brushing Is Important For Standard Poodles

Top 4 Reasons

There are four important reasons why dog brushing is essential. Not only to keep your poodle well groomed but also to keep him healthy.

1. Dog brushing removes loose hair and mats

Because your poodle has curly hair, loose hair gets trapped in his coat. That causes matting. Brushing your dog every 2 to 3 days removes dead hair and keeps his coat tangle free.

If the hair is not brushed routinely, mats will get larger and tighter, until eventually they can no longer be brushed out. They'll need to be cut out instead (using a dematting tool or scissors).

In severe cases of neglect, the poodle’s coat will need to be completely shaved because it’s so bad that dematting tools can no longer penetrate through the mats without causing distress to the dog.

And yes, the mats do need to be removed because otherwise, they will get so tight that they pinch your dog's skin.

Watch as Jun The Groomer explains what's involved in shaving this severely matted dog.

So, the number one reason why dog brushing is important is to prevent matting. It's so much easier for both you AND your dog to catch tangles before they become a problem.

The "must-have" brush for de-matting your poodle's hair is a slicker brush. Check out our Best Dog Brushes for Standard Poodles.

2. Dog brushing removes dirt, debris, and dander

The second reason brushing your poodle is important is to help keep him clean and his skin healthy between baths.

Why Dog Brushing Is Important For Standard Poodles

Poodles love to romp and play in the great outdoors. That includes running through tall grass (full of thistles and other stickery stuff).

By routinely brushing your dog's hair, you'll catch all those nasties that you probably wouldn't notice otherwise - things that may be poking into your dog's skin and irritating him.

And what dog doesn't love to roll in the dirt and camouflage his scent? Well, that may seem good to him, but I bet you don't want all that dirt getting on your upholstery and rugs.

A thorough brushing will remove dirt, debris, and dander (dead skin cells) and help the skin to breathe better.

SpokesPoodle LaceyPoodle Grooming Tip – Did you know that your dog’s skin cells go through a 21 day life cycle? The outer layer is continually shedding dead skin cells as new cells mature and replace them.

3. Dog brushing redistributes natural oils

The third reason why dog brushing is important - to redistribute natural oils throughout the coat (especially after a bath). That makes the hair shiny and healthy.

It also stimulates and improves blood flow to the skin. Improved blood flow means healthier skin and hair.

4. Dog brushing is a great time to check for parasites

Finally, it's a great time to go through your poodle's coat "with a fine tooth comb". This is the time to look for fleas, ticks, and other parasites.

Routinely checking your poodle up close will keep you alert to any problems that arise such as cuts, infections or other things that need your attention.

The AKC website has great information on parasites, allergies, infections and other skin conditions on dogs.

I hope this has been helpful in understanding why dog brushing is important for the health of your standard poodle.

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