What's the Best Brush for Poodles?

By far, your most important ‘must-have’ brush for a standard poodle is the slicker brush. And using the right slicker brush can cut your dog brushing time in half.

Depending on whether your poodle is short or long-haired, we recommend the Andis Premium Slicker Brush and the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush.

What is a Slicker Brush?

Dog Brushes - Chris Christensen Big G Pin Slicker BrushA slicker brush has firm bent wire pins on a curved base with an ergonomic handle.

This type of dog brush is ideal for poodles and other dog breeds that have fine, long, or curly hair.

The fine pins can quickly penetrate through the coat to remove stubborn mats and loose hair that is trapped in the coat. The bent pins also create lift and fluff the hair.

How do I use a Slicker Brush?

Before brushing, test the brush by running it along your own skin to see how much pressure will be comfortable for your dog.

Using a finishing spray while brushing will help to eliminate static, remove mats, repel dirt, and condition your dog's coat.

As described below, use a short-pinned brush for short hair and a long-pinned brush for long hair.

 If your dog has both long and short hair and you prefer to use just one brush for the entire coat, choose the long-pinned brush. 

Slicker Brushing for Short Hair

The Andis Premium Slicker Brush has short pins that glide easily through your dog's short hair, providing excellent results.

  • Spray the area lightly with a detangling, finishing spray.
  • Starting at the top of each area, brush downward through your dog’s coat using short strokes in the direction of hair growth. You should be able to feel the brush penetrating through all the hair.
  • Test the area for tangles by combing through it with a steel comb. If you find any mats, go back through the area again with the slicker brush until it is tangle-free before moving on to a new area.

Slicker Brushing for Long or Dense Hair

Mats are no match for the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush, penetrating through your poodles dense long hair, while also lifting and fluffing.

  • Spray the area lightly with a detangling, finishing spray.
  • Using a dog brushing technique referred to as “line brushing”, start by creating a horizontal part in your dog's hair at the bottom of the area being brushed.
  • Using short downward strokes in the direction of hair growth, penetrate through the layers of hair to remove mats and tangles.
  • Once that area is tangle-free, part off a new small section of hair above it and smooth out that hair.
  • Continue this process throughout the entire area and then check your work with a medium or fine-tooth steel comb. If you find mats, revert back to the slicker brush, or try a detangling tool to remove stubborn mats.

Chris Christensen Buttercomb - Poodle Grooming - Standard Poodle Owner

This Long Tooth Fine/Course Buttercomb by Chris Christensen is the Cadillac of grooming combs. It might just be the last comb you ever buy!

How Often Should I Brush my Poodle?

Poodle Grooming - Standard Poodle - Dog brushing on grooming tableTo keep your standard poodle’s coat in pristine condition and free of mats, you should generally brush every two to three days.

Having said that, the finer your dog’s hair, the more frequently it will need to be brushed.

For dogs with very fine hair, you may need to brush every day. If your poodle’s hair is rather coarse, you could get by with brushing once or twice a week.

Another thing to consider is that poodle hair - just like human hair - tangles more easily when it's dirty. Keeping your poodle's hair fresh and clean will help save time on brushing.

Why Dog Brushing is Important for Standard Poodles

Be a Pro at Slicker Brush Poodle Grooming

Learn how to be fast and efficient at poodle grooming and save hundreds of dollars on professional dog groomer fees.

Browse our dog brush recommendations and get the best dog brush for standard poodles (hint: it's the right slicker brush and pin brush).

Besides saving money, poodle grooming at home brings you and your dog into a closer, more fulfilling relationship.

If you spend more money at a dog grooming salon than your beauty salon, you probably own a Poodle.Author Unknown