Grooming – A Bonding Experience

We recommend these dog grooming tips to enhance the bond you already share with your dog and make poodle grooming a happy experience!

Your poodle craves interaction with you, so think of this as quality time together.

Poodle Grooming Center Setup Ideas

Let’s begin with ideas for an organized poodle grooming center.

It can be as small or large as your space allows as long as it’s cheerful and well ventilated. My grooming center doubles as a laundry room & sewing center.

The key is to have everything easily accessible when you need it. Here are a few of the things that have helped me.
Dog Grooming Cabinet - Dog Grooming Tips

  • Storage – Keep your dog grooming supplies stored within easy reach in a cabinet next to the dog grooming table.
  • Install adequate lighting – Make sure you have adequate lighting while grooming, especially when using scissors, clippers and nail trimmers. Use a floor lamp if needed to eliminate shadows.
  • Make it Cheerful – Choose colors for this workspace that inspire you and make sure it’s well ventilated for your poodle.
  • Elevated surface – For a small dog – such as a toy or miniature poodle – it’s easy to grab a dog brush and groom your pooch while watching your favorite movie in the evening.
    For a Standard Poodle (or other large breed dog), we recommend a grooming table or other elevated non-skid surface.
  • Use a dog restraint – If you have a dog that likes to escape at every opportunity, use a restraint in the tub and on the grooming table.
    Our black poodle is very calm and patient while being groomed, but our white poodle is high energy and needs to know he’s there until I release him. It’s just better for both of us.
Recommended Dog Grooming Tables

Dog Grooming Tips for a Rewarding Experience

Dog Grooming Tips for Poodles

  • Anticipate your dogs’ needs – Is your poodle hungry, restless? Does he need a potty break? Make sure his physical needs are met before you begin grooming. He’ll appreciate it and so will you.
  • Keep it short at first – This should be a positive experience for both you and your poodle. Start with short grooming sessions for puppies. Make them fun and end on a good note.
  • Have a system – When you use a systematic approach to brushing, your dog will be comfortable with the process and will know what to expect.
  • Relax – Be gentle. Be kind. Resist the urge to tug at snarls. Instead, reach for your favorite de-matting tool. If your poodle feels stressed, he’ll be reluctant toward dog grooming in the future. Think of this as a “Day at the Spa” for your dog.
SpokesPoodle LaceyPoodle Grooming Tip – It’s true that poodles need to learn manners on the grooming table, and should not be allowed to misbehave. But if YOU are the one becoming impatient, it’s time for a time out.
  • Praise and treats – Remember to tell him that he’s a “good dog” frequently. Sometimes we get so involved in the grooming process we forget there’s a living doggie companion standing there that longs for our attention.
    If your dog is highly food motivated, offer a treat periodically to remind him what’s in it for him. Let’s face it …  you’re the one who cares about dog grooming, not him. 
  • Clean dogs are lower maintenance – Brushing and combing are a lot more work on a dog who is dirty. Schedule a bath into your routine when needed. Don’t put it off.
  • Bonus Dog Grooming Tips
    • Assess your dog’s health – One of the great benefits of routine dog grooming is that you become so familiar with your dog’s physical condition that you know immediately when something is off.
      Take this time to pay close attention to detail. How do his teeth and gums look? Is there an odor in his ears? Do his eyes look healthy? Check his nails and the pads of his feet.
    • Consistency is the key – Maintaining a dog grooming schedule that keeps your dog clean, healthy and looking/feeling his best is much easier in the long run than the difficult task of cleaning up a matted mess. And it’s so much more pleasant for both you and your dog.

    I hope you found some dog grooming tips in this list that encouraged you in your effort to create a routine that both you and your poodle actually look forward to!

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