Recommended Dog Grooming Supplies for your Poodle

Whether you choose to hire out poodle grooming or do-it-yourself, there are a few basic dog grooming supplies that you should have on hand for day-to-day poodle grooming.

1. Poodle Brushing Tools

  • Slicker Brush
  • Pin Brush
  • Steel Comb
  • De-Matting Tools

Dog Brushes

This Oscar Frank Universal Slicker Brush is my “go to” brush for blow drying and clipping. It works great for lifting and fluffing the hair.

On the higher end, this Big G Large Slicker Brush by Chris Christensen is recommended for standard poodles because it has more and longer scratch-free pins for penetrating deep into longer coats. The ergonomic handle helps to reduce hand fatigue.

Some groomers feel this slicker brush replaces the need for a pin brush and use it almost exclusively for all their brushing needs.

The Pin Brush is great for routine dog brushing, because it works so well for removing tangles in the poodle’s coat.

This Chris Christensen Pin Brush is the one I use most often and highly recommend for it’s durability.

This Andis Pin Brush is another excellent choice for routine dog brushing. It works amazingly well while being very gentle on your poodle’s skin. In fact, it’s the most gentle dog brush I have found.

I use this one alternately with the Chris Christensen brush above and love them both.

The Bass Combination Boar Bristle / Pin Brush has pins on the outside and boar bristles in the center.

This brush removes tangles and loose hair. It’s also great for redistributing oils throughout the coat after a bath.

Recommended Dog Brushes


Follow up with a Metal Comb to catch any snarls that the brush may have missed.

When shopping, look for a comb that has wide teeth on one side and narrow teeth on the other. I have the Andis Pet 7 1/2″ Steel Grooming Comb and it works great.

This Buttercomb by Chris Christensen is the Cadillac of grooming combs.

Expensive, but maybe the last comb you’ll need to buy for your standard poodle.

The wide teeth remove any remaining loose tangles and the narrow teeth catch any loose hair.

Another thing to consider is the length of the teeth. For long-haired standard poodles, combs with the longer teeth seem to work best.

Recommended Dog Grooming Combs

De-matting tools

De-matting rakes and combs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And some are adjustable for right or left-handed use.

This Master Grooming Dematting Tool comes with 9, 10, or 12 blades.

Use the De-matting Tool for mats that you cannot easily remove with a dog brush or comb.

Be careful with this tool. The top sides of the teeth are razor sharp blades to cut through the dense mats.

Recommended Dematting Tools

Dog Brushing

2. Poodle Nail Trimming Tools

  • Guillotine or Large Plier Type Trimmer
  • Styptic Powder
  • Nail Grinder
Plier-type Nail Trimmer – Professional dog groomers generally tend to prefer the plier-type dog nail trimmer.

The plier cuts from both sides of the nail at the same time and is consequently less likely to crush the nail.

This Professional Dog Nail Clippers from Simply Pets gets rave reviews on Amazon and is our preferred style of nail trimmer.

Guillotine Trimmer – The guillotine trimmer only cuts from one side (make sure you have a sharp blade).

Some people feel that it’s easier to see and control where they’re cutting with the guillotine trimmer.

If you’re looking for the guillotine style, then this Millers Forge Pet Nail Trimmer is the one we recommend.

Styptic Powder – It’s importand to keep styptic powder on hand in case of the unfortunate event that you trim your poodle’s nail to short (cut into the quick) and cause it to bleed.

The brand we recommend is Bio-Groom Sure Clot Styptic Powder.

Nail Grinder – Even though it’s not considered necessary in your toolbox of dog grooming supplies, another option is an electric nail grinder.

A nail grinder removes the rough edges that can catch on furniture and carpeting to give your dog’s nails a more rounded and smooth edge.

Most professional dog groomers will finish off nail trimming with a nail grinder.

The Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate Nail Grinder is the one I use. It is very lightweight and quiet and has a variable speed control.

Dog Nail Trimming

3. Poodle Ear Care Products

  • Jumbo Cotton Balls
  • Hemostat
  • Ear Powder
  • Ear Cleaning Solution

Dog Ear Cleaning Products

Hair Removal – The ear powder and hemostat are used to remove hair from your dog’s ear canal. We use Bio-Groom Ear Fresh Ear Powder.

Hemostats come with a curved or straight edge. It’s totally a matter of preference.

Cleaning Ears – Use the cotton balls and ear cleaning solution to clean, dry and deodorize your dog’s ear canal.

Our absolute favorite ear cleaning solution is K9 Ear Solutions by Liquid Health.

Recommended Ear Care Products

Cleaning Dogs Ears

4. Poodle Oral Hygiene Products

Dog Toothpaste – Do NOT use human toothpaste on dog teeth.

It contains fluoride, which isn’t safe for your poodle and is not meant to be swallowed.

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste comes in a poultry flavor that our dogs love.

Dog Teeth Cleaning

With these basic dog grooming supplies, you should be able to handle your dog’s day-to-day grooming needs.

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