Which Dog Brush Should I Use?

A dog brush – such as a slicker brush or pin brush – is an essential tool when grooming your standard poodle. You’ll also need a comb and dematting tool, as pictured below.

Dog Brush - Slicker Brush - Pin Brush - Combs - Dematting Rake - Standard Poodle Owner
Pictured: Poodle Pet Dematting Rake, Andis combs, Andis Slicker Brush, Andis Pin Brush.

In this article, we’ll specifically focus on dog brushes. Please visit our dog grooming supplies page for recommendations on tools for:

Best Dog Brush Options for Poodles

It’s difficult to over-emphasize the importance of routine brushing – It’s so much easier to maintain your dogs’ coat than to clean up a matted mess. A poodle should be brushed at least 2-3 times per week.

To thoroughly brush and de-mat a standard poodle, you will need either a slicker brush or a pin brush. Generally, professional groomers favor the slicker brush over the pin brush. I use both.

Here are the brands we recommend.

Slicker Brush – Removes Mats & Tangles

This Andis Premium Slicker Brush is my absolute favorite slicker for brushing the coat after bathing. I also use it for lifting and fluffing the hair while clipping or blow drying.

It works great for removing loose hair, loose mats, and tangles. I alternate between this and the pin brush for daily dog brushing.

The Universal Slicker Brush is another great choice for removing tangles, smoothing the hair and fluffing while blow drying.

This was the first slicker brush recommended to me during training for poodle grooming. It’s a very popular dog brush.

If cost is not an issue, this Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush gets excellent reviews. It’s made to last.

I use this brush to remove tangles and matts quickly. It reduces brushing time by 40% and almost eliminates line brushing.

The ergonomic handle helps to reduce hand fatigue. The pins are extra long to penetrate deeper into your standard poodle’s long coat and are “soft and scratch-free”.

SpokesPoodle LaceyPoodle Grooming Tip It’s important to use a light touch with a Slicker Brush. The wire bristles can scratch your dogs’ skin if you use too much pressure.

Pin Brush – Another Detangling Tool

Even though many dog groomers swear by the slicker brush for daily dog brushing, others prefer the pin brush. I use both.

The pin brush comes in a large variety of styles. Some styles have rubber-tipped pins, some have round-tipped pins and some have polished tips – so the pin brush is gentle on your dogs’ skin.

The Andis Premium Pin Brush is the most gentle brush I have found for routine dog brushing. Gentle and effective for removing tangles.

It’s my favorite pin brush.

The Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush gets five-star reviews on Amazon. This is a very sturdy brush that will last a long time. I alternate between this brush and the Andis mentioned above.

The Oster Large Combo Brush is a best seller and gets great reviews as well.
A pin brush really penetrates through your poodle’s long, curly and dense hair to remove loose hair, mats, and tangles – just like the slicker brush.

If your poodle has a long or dense coat, we recommend using a technique referred to as line brushing to make sure you’re getting down to the skin.

A Note Regarding Poodle Hair
The Standard Poodle has hair, not fur. Consequently, there is very little shedding (one of the things I LOVE about Poodles). Because of that, they make a great pet for allergy sufferers.

Poodles do have a small amount of shedding. It doesn’t fall off like dog fur does – great for your furniture and clothing. But because the loose hair stays trapped in their curly coat it does create tangles and matting.

Left untended, the Poodle’s curly coat will twist into tighter and tighter knots that eventually must be cut out rather than brushed out. I’m sure there are many professional dog groomers that will attest to that!

Recommended Products

I hope this has helped you determine which dog brush is the best for your standard poodle grooming needs.

Poodle Grooming Basics Dog Brushing

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