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Why Clean Dogs Ears?

Cleaning dogs ears is an important part of routine grooming care to maintain good health.

Just like humans, dogs produce wax in their ears that can build up over time, inhibiting air flow.

Poodles also have large, drop down ear flaps, which unfortunately encourage ear infection. It’s warm, dark and moist in there!

You should examine your dog on a weekly basis, checking for excess hair, odor, and dirt/wax buildup. Examine ears weekly, but clean only as needed to keep the ears clean and dry.

Steps to Cleaning Dogs Ears

For cleaning, I recommend Liquid Health K9 Ear Solutions ear cleaner which contains ingredients that help dry out excess moisture in the ear canal and eliminate odor.

Follow these easy step by step instructions.

To clean, dry and deodorize the ear canal:

  1. Following product instructions, tip your dogs head to the side. Hold the ear flap up with one hand and pour a small amount of dog ear cleaning solution into the ear canal with the other hand.
  2. Place a large cotton ball into the opening of the ear canal.
  3. Massage the ear gently (especially at the base of the ear) to work the solution down into the ear canal and loosen wax and dirt.
  4. Remove cotton ball. With a second cotton ball gently wipe out the ear canal, removing wax and dirt.
    It is unnecessary to clean farther down the ear canal than you can see.

Dog Ear Cleaning Products

Most poodle owners take their dog to a pet groomer for clipping. As part of the grooming process, they include cleaning dogs ears and plucking the hair from the ear canal (if needed) using a medicated ear powder.

Plucking Hair from Dogs Ears

Some poodles have more hair in their ear canal than others – some poodles don’t ever need ear plucking. What we need is good airflow to keep the ear canal dry.

If you do need to pluck ear hair between visits to the pet groomer, we recommend Bio-Groom Ear Fresh Ear Powder. Follow these simple instructions.

To remove excess ear hair:

  1. Fold the ear back and shake a small amount of Ear Powder into the ear. This helps to grip the hair and cause it to pull out more easily.
  2. Work powder into the hair so that it’s well distributed, reaching to the base of the hair strand.
  3. Using a hemostat or tweezer scissor, gently pluck the hair out of the ear canal. You can also use your fingers to pluck the hair if you prefer.
    Take care to only grab tiny amounts of hair at a time, so it’s not too uncomfortable for the dog.
  4. Using a little ear cleaning solution on a cotton ball, wipe out remaining ear powder from the ear canal.

Poodle Ear Plucking

Recommended Products

Check out this ear plucking demonstration from one of my favorite YouTube poodle groomers … her channel is “Love of Grooming”.

I hope this article has helped you feel more confident about cleaning your own dogs’ ears.

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