Petrich Dog Booties - Customer Review - Standard Poodle Owner

Petrich Dog Booties Customer Review

Petrich Dog Bootie - Blue - Standard Poodle Owner - Customer ReviewIn our hunt for the best dog booties, we came across these Petrich high top boots. They come in red, black, and blue.

We were specifically looking for high-top boots that would protect their feet AND prevent snow from packing onto the long hair of a poodle’s legs. Here’s our unbiased review.

Why Do I Need Dog Booties?

1. Protection from Severe Temperatures

In Summer

Hot Pavement – Dog booties can protect your poodles’ feet from hot pavement. Remember that if it’s too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for your dogs’ feet too.

In Winter

Frostbite – The most vulnerable areas for frostbite on dogs are the ears, tail, and paws. When temperatures get below 32°F, make sure to protect your poodles’ sensitive feet from frostbite.

2. Protection from Toxic Chemicals

In Summer

Harsh Lawn Chemicals – applied to lawns for weed control or fertilization can irritate your poodles’ feet or be ingested when he licks his toes. You may not treat your own lawn with toxic chemicals, but be sure your poodle buddy isn’t chasing across other lawns that have been treated.

In Winter

Harsh De-Icing Chemicals – Your dog’s paws may come in contact with chemicals applied to roads for melting ice.

3. Protection for Toe Pads

In Summer

While Hiking – rough gravel and sharp rocks can be painful and can even cut your dog’s feet.

In Winter

Ice and Snow – Dog booties help to keep his feet dry and prevent ice and snow from getting packed between the toe pads.

Unbiased Feedback on Petrich Dog Booties

Positive Feedback

Boot lining warm fleece - Standard Poodle Owner

  • At $37.99 per set of 4, the price was competitive with other dog boots we checked.
  • We were happy with the warm fleece lining.
  • The light nylon outer fabric kept our poodle’s feet dry.
  • The anti-slip soles provided good traction.
  • We also loved that they came in blue and red to match our dog jackets.

Room for Improvement

Petrich Dog Boot - Red - Standard Poodle Owner Customer Review

  • These dog booties were difficult to put on. It would have helped to have a gusset for a larger opening.
  • As you can see in this picture, the straps started to fray after only a few uses. For the price, we expected better quality.
  • For one of our standard poodles, they didn’t even stay on! (see video below)

It’s possible Lucas needed a different size for his front feet, but these dog boots are only sold in sets of four.

Ruffwear Dog Boots are sold in sets of two or four for that very reason. They understand that some dogs have a different size foot from front to back. Have you tried Ruffwear dog boots? We’d love to hear how they performed for you.

Check out the video below to see for yourself how the dog booties performed when we put them to the “road test”.

Not Recommended

For the price, we expected these dog boots to be made of higher quality materials. They don’t seem like they’ll last. They are not easy to put on and – based on our experience – do not stay on. On subsequent adventures, Lacey’s boots fell off as well.

Have you found a dog bootie that you love? We’d love to hear your feedback!


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8 Responses

  • Thank you for the review on these booties. I’ve been looking for some but haven’t found any that have very good reviews. Winter is coming soon, however, so we’re gonna have to try something. My poodle does not like the cold wet ground….guess he’s a little spoiled.

  • I have a standard poodle too and appreciate the info on these boots. I just bought “Walkee Paws” boots. Don’t have them yet but look promising. They are kept in place by a system that loops over their back and holds them up like garters. They have liner socks. Have my fingers crossed that it’s all they say they are.

  • We have the Kurgo Step and Strobe boots. I love how sturdy they are, and my dog has good snow traction in them. The lights are an added bonus for nighttime walks.
    The company is great to work with – the Velcro failed on my first season of use and they sent me a new pair no questions.
    Only downsides:
    -Tricky to get on/off. They have bungee and Velcro (good to keep extra tight) but having to undo both to get on and off requires a lot of cooperation from my dog. If you do it regularly, you get a routine down but for the occasional user (my husband, dog walkers, etc) it’s a real process. But once they are on, awesome.
    -the front boots end right below the carpal pads and I always worry about them pushing on them while she walks. Never had any damage or injury, and she doesn’t indicate discomfort, but I wonder.

    • Thank you Kate for your feedback and review of the Kurgo Step and Strobe boots. We are always on the lookout for great poodle products! I’ll check these boots out and maybe even feature them in an upcoming product review. Thanks for visiting our website!

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