K9 Fluffer Dog Dryer

K9 Fluffer Dog Dryer

Variable Speed Dog Dryer

K9 Fluffer Dog DryerLet me just start by saying I love the K9 Fluffer dog dryer! I have two standard poodles and have handled literally ALL of their grooming needs for 10 years now.

If you want to bathe and dry your own poodle at home, then trust me, you need a dryer that’s going to get the job done quickly.

A small handheld dryer may work for a toy poodle, but a standard poodle is a big dog with a lot of hair. And they need to be bathed and clipped every 4-6 weeks! You’re not going to miss the money, but you will miss the efficiency. A handheld dryer can take 2-3 times longer to dry.

What’s to Love About the K9 Fluffer?

Made in the USA

This built to last dryer is made by the Electric Cleaner Company. Their facility is located in Osseo, Wisconsin.

As a family-owned business, they stand behind their products with 30+ years of experience in the design and production of grooming equipment. Their K9 dryers are trusted and used by breeders, groomers, and veterinarians.

Powerful Motor

K9 Fluffer Dog Dryer Specs

  • 120 Volts, 9.5 Amps – provides more than enough power to quickly and easily dry your poodle.
  • No Heating Element – but it’s not needed.

The air is room temperature. I love that I never need to worry about it getting too warm, and it never seems to be too cold either.

Variable Speed Control

K9 Fluffer Dog Dryer Variable Speed Dial
Infinite control over the airflow:

  • High Speed – Fast efficient drying.
  • Low Speed – Easily dial it down when working around the face and ears.

I have never needed the highest velocity on this dog hair dryer. It provides more than enough power.

10-Foot Hose

K9 Fluffer Dog Dryer with 10' HoseThe flexible 10 foot hose is durable and comes with 2 blower tips (flat and round) and a filter.

It’s long enough to work around your dog comfortably without tension on the hose.

After 10 years, my hose still looks as good as the day I bought it.

Other Types of Dog Dryer Available

There are different types of dog dryer in the pet grooming supply market to choose from, so it can be confusing to determine which model is best for your specific needs.

Cage Dryer

cage dog dryerA cage dryer is generally used in grooming salons. They can move a lot of air. And they usually have a timer and a sensor to activate or deactivate the heating element.

A dog can be bathed and then returned to the kennel to dry while a groomer is working on another dog. These dog dryers are convenient for professional groomers who work on several dogs simultaneously, but are seldom needed for personal home use.

Stand Dryer

stand dog hair dryerAs the name implies, this is a variable speed dryer on an adjustable height stand.

These come in different styles with different features, but the main purpose is to free up your hands for brushing and styling while drying the dog.

Very convenient if you want to spend the money. They can run from $500-800. Also, keep in mind that these dryers take up a lot of space. You may not want to sacrifice the room if your grooming area is small, as mine is.

I hope this has been helpful in deciding on the best dog dryer for your standard poodle. Check out our articles on dog grooming supplies and poodle grooming basics.

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“Life is too short to just have one dog.”Author Unknown

4 Responses

  • Thank you for writing such a great review on the K-9 Fluffer!

    Full disclosure: We sell the K-9 Dryer Collection. When we were looking for a groomer product to start representing, we tested a lot of dryers. The pressure, force, and heating combination that the K-9 II & K-9 III can deliver was unparalleled. Even though you may think that a regular blower does a good job, the K-9 Fluffer, K-9 II, and K-9 III are special. Go to any groomers’ Facebook group and ask them you’ll see the love for the K-9 lines and for good reason. Amazing product built in the USA by good people.

  • i am trying to decide which blower to get as a pet owner… i want a k-9 variable and there are few options. the 2,3 and fluffer,, maybe even there is one more,,, is it worth the $ to get the variable 3 over the fluffer? will the fluffer to the job on my super long haired (all over ) poodle? what is the difference in drying time and sound,, they have quite diff. amps, but i have never groomed my dog.. she will be groomed about 2 times a month. thanks

    • I have been drying my two standard poodles for 10 years now with the K-9 Fluffer and have been completely happy with the power it provides, whether their hair is short or long. I would buy the same dryer again. You’ll have to contact the manufacturer (https://k9dryer.com/) for details on the other models of the K-9 dryer because I have no experience with them. I hope that helps!

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