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Spontaneous Duluth Travel Excursion With Poodles

It was a cold winter day in Minnesota for a Duluth travel excursion. Cold, compared to … say … Palm Beach, FL.

And it was Dan’s idea – not mine – to experience the amazing Lake Superior waves. There are few things in life that Dan enjoys more than wind and waves.

Duluth Travel SuperiorI’m not spontaneous. And there are few things in life that I dislike more than wind and waves. So this outing was purely to fill Dan’s love tank.

Okay, I admit it. The thought did cross my mind that Duluth in the winter might make an interesting story for a blog post.

And it also occurred to me that our standard poodles would probably love it. There are few things in life they enjoy more than a spontaneous adventure.

Were we expecting a perfect Duluth day? No. But in Minnesota – in the dead of winter – it sounded like a nice diversion from cabin fever.

Temperature in Duluth

I checked the temperature. It was 20 degrees on this mid-March afternoon. 20 degrees. Yah … that was do-able.

So I bundled up in long underwear, a fleece top, wool socks, wool mittens, scarf, hat, down jacket, warm boots. But what was I thinking? Totally forgot the snow pants!

Duluth Travel With Standard PoodleDan threw on a jacket, scarf, hat and gloves.

We loaded up the car with hot coffee, a dog water bowl, a warm wool blanket for the doggies to sleep on, other essentials – like dog leads, dog treats.

But what were we thinking? No doggie boots?! Really?

So off we go, on a Duluth travel adventure with two very excited standard poodles.

Duluth MN Temperate in March

Now by the time we make the 2-hour trek north, the temperature is actually more like 14 degrees. That’s still do-able. Right? Positive mental attitude.

I look at the dogs. Yup, they’re still engaged in the experience.

And hey, did you know that parking is FREE at Lake Superior in March? At least where we parked it is. Clue.Number.One!

The Lakewalk

Duluth Travel Map - Lakewalk

We grab the dog leads and step out of the car right unto the scenic Lakewalk that runs along the southwest corner of the lake. Some people call it the Boardwalk.

To Dan’s disappointment, we don’t see any crashing waves or feel any blasting wind.

There is a very cold breeze, though. Definitely enough for me to truly experience winter at Lake Superior!

I don’t think we ever intended to hike the entire 4 miles of the Lakewalk – well, Dan may have – not me.


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Is it cold out here? YES. I look at my fearless Duluth travel companions. Dan is still captivated. The dogs are still maintaining a positive mental attitude. Okay, full speed ahead. Rah, rah, rah.

At this point, life is starting to move in slow motion. Now all I’m interested in is snapping a few more pictures to document this fun-filled adventure so we can high tail it back to the car.

I grab the iPhone out of my pocket, ready to capture Dan in front of the Vietnam Memorial. But wait – my phone is all frozen up, a brick of ice. Won’t boot up. I knew it! It’s not my imagination. I’m not a big freeze-baby. It’s downright frigid out here!!!

That’s it. The dogs and I are heading back to the car. Dan can finish filling his love tank alone….I think Lucas and Lacey are even tracking with me on this one. By now, I’m not just concerned about windburn on my face. Now I’m also worried about poodle puppy feet.

Life has now become a blur, so I’m about halfway to the car before I realize my hand – the one I was using to hold the camera – is missing a mitten! Okay, now we’ve gotta go back. That’s a homemade mitten from my twin sister.

Note to Self: Get those poodles back into Dog Tracking class this Spring.
On the Boardwalk in Duluth MNI’ve gotta hand it to Dan. He was really a good sport about me first walking off on him and then asking him to help me retrieve a lost mitten.

But I’m being a good sport too. You’ve gotta be about 95% Scandinavian to even consider outdoor Duluth travel in March!

Good News! We found my mitten and (better news) booked it back to the car. Whole winter wonderland experience on the boardwalk – about 15 minutes. Distance traveled – about 300 feet. Would I do it again? Absolutely! In April, or May, or better yet, JULY!

Duluth Travel Takeaway

  1. I do NOT recommend walking the Boardwalk in March!
  2. If you are cut out of tougher cloth than I am, and can’t resist braving the frozen tundra, make sure you bundle up well. It’s frigid out there in March.
  3. Whatever you do, bundle up your 4-legged friend with a jacket and boots.
  4. Plan on a warm fire or hot bath after your 15-minute excursion (cause that’s about all you’ll be able to handle).
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Well – that’s about it for our Duluth travel and dog adventure today. Next time we visit, hopefully, it’ll be above freezing, so we can explore some of the many attractions this area has to offer.

Thanks for visiting our blog. I hope you enjoyed it!

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