Lake Superior Dog Adventure for Standard Poodles

Dog Adventure at Lake Superior

What better destination for a dog adventure than the Lakewalk in Duluth, MN – a town that welcomes dogs.

The Lakewalk is a pedestrian boardwalk and paved bicycle trail.

It runs along Lake Superior’s western edge and is nearly 8 miles long, starting at the Duluth Shipping Pier and extending to Brighton Beach.

TripAdvisor gives it five-stars and so do we.

Getting Ready for a Dog Trip

Things to pack for your dog adventure:

Poodles are high energy dogs. So, before a dog trip, it’s always good to give your dog some exercise and of course an opportunity to go potty.

Hiking with Dogs at Lake Superior

Conveniently located just off Interstate 35, you can enter the Lakewalk from many different side streets. We came in near Canal Park. When you’re standing on the beach, looking across the water, it looks like an ocean.

So we were wondering – just how big is Lake Superior? Lake Superior Magazine reports that (in terms of surface area) it’s the largest freshwater lake in the world – 3 quadrillion gallons.

That’s enough water to cover the entire continent of North and South America a foot deep in water. Wow!

Boardwalk Renovation

Lakewalk Renovation in Process - Section of boardwalk closed to dog adventureMillions of dollars of damage to the shoreline, infrastructure, and Lakewalk were sustained from a storm surge with 10 foot high waves on October 26, 2017.

More damage to the Lakewalk Trail occurred with another storm surge on October 10, 2018. The cost of redesign and repair is estimated at $9 Million.

The renovation of the Lakewalk was slated to be completed by late 2019, but when we were there in early October there were still areas that were closed to pedestrians.

A Relaxing Walk

The repaired Lakewalk is just beautiful. The new wooden boardwalk is 8 feet wide and the asphalt bike trail is 12 feet wide – very spacious!

It’s so nice to have a dog adventure away from the congestion of city traffic. The tranquil sound of the waves quickly washes away the stresses of everyday life.

Dog Friendly Restaurants

There are lots of dog-friendly restaurants in Duluth, many of which are right along the Lakewalk. And they are happy to welcome your dog to their outdoor patio tables with a beautiful view of the lake.

We stopped by the Portland Malt Shoppe for ice cream cones. Other restaurants next to the Lakewalk include:

  • Pickwick Restaurant (American, Gluten Free Options, Vegetarian)
  • Va Bene (Italian)
  • Boat Club Restaurant (Steakhouse, Gluten Free Options)
  • Fitgers Brewhouse Brewery and Grill (American)
  • Midi Restaurant and Wine Bar (Mediterranean, American)
  • Mexico Lindo (Mexican, Southwestern)
  • Lake Walk Galley
  • Grandma’s Boxcar (American)

Hotels Near the Lakewalk

Other Dog Friendly Sites Nearby

Dog Parks

What dog trip is complete without a visit to a dog park? There are several of them conveniently located near the Lakewalk.

Make sure you read over the dog park rules before you stop in. Among other things, dogs are required to have a City of Duluth pet license tag or a current rabies tag.

A Place for Fido

Located in the Fitger’s Brewery Complex, A Place for Fido is Duluth’s only canine outfitter. Visit their super dog friendly store to shop for specialty dog food, treats, dog gear and much more.

Fitgers offers shopping, eating and sleeping all in one location.

Your Next Dog Adventure

Next time you’re traveling with dogs near the Great Lakes, we highly recommend the Lakewalk on Lake Superior.

But make sure it’s between May and October because it gets really cold next to that huge body of water in the late fall and winter. Check out our last Duluth travel excursion with poodles in March. Yikes!

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Thanks for visiting our blog. Happy travels to you and your standard poodle companion!

β€œThe dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment.”Robert Falcon Scott

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