Poodle Pedigree

Black Standard Poodle Profile
Lacey is an AKC Registered Black Standard Poodle. She was born November 20th, 2009. She came to us from Crossview Kennels in Northern Minnesota.

Her mother, “Princess Adelaide of Crossview CD RN”, is also a Black Standard Poodle. Addie has 3 AKC Titles – Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Rally Novice (RN), and Obedience (CN).

Her father, “Lonetree’s Rudy JH” is a White Standard Poodle and champion hunter.

Black Standard Poodle Comes Home

Black Standard Poodle Lacey as a PuppyWe brought Lacey home when she was 17 weeks old. She was one of the most reserved puppies in the litter and was somewhat apprehensive with new experiences.

It took a bit of coaxing to try new things like jumping into the car, navigating the steps into the house, and exploring her strange new world.

She adjusted to her new home very quickly, however, in large part due to the exceptional training she received from her breeder.

Our Dog Breeder

Deb spent a lot of quality time with Lacey in “Puppy Academy”.

She taught the puppies such things as early potty training, walking on a lead, beginning grooming, and acclimating to sleeping in a kennel alone.

They also had lots of indoor and outdoor playtime with the family to develop socialization skills.

Black Standard Poodle Puppy with MotherBy the time Lacey came to us she had been vaccinated, was almost fully potty trained and was accustomed to sleeping in her own kennel. She never even whined the first night away from “mommy”.

I would also like to say that Deb was very conscientious in screening prospective owners.

She spent considerable time working with each puppy individually – learning its unique traits – and wanted to ensure each one would go to a good home that could accommodate the needs of an energetic standard poodle.

She interviewed us very thoroughly to make sure we were a good match for Lacey’s personality. She quizzed us about our lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and age. She questioned us about where we lived and how much property we had.

At the time, we felt like we were being “tested”, but I really appreciate the care she took to ensure her puppy would have a happy life.

Life with a New Poodle Puppy

Black Standard Poodle Puppy with Duck

It had been a long time since we’d had a puppy in the family, so I had forgotten how much WORK they can be! It is very much like having a toddler in the house.

For their own safety (and especially if the puppy is not fully potty trained) they need to be watched very closely and returned to the kennel during the times that you are unable to supervise them.

Naughty Puppy

Black Standard Poodle Puppy Digging in GardenWe were fortunate in that Lacey caught on very quickly to what was an acceptable chew toy and what was not. Other than sacrificing an occasional shoelace, we got through the teething phase practically unscathed.

One naughty thing Lacey did LOVE however, was digging in the garden. She just loved to sniff out those pesky rodents that are forever tunneling in our sandy soil. Who ME?

Consequently, unsanctioned digging – such as in the garden – took a little more finesse to conquer. But we got through that too and now she knows her boundaries.

Dog Training

Prior to getting Lacey, we truly knew almost NOTHING about proper dog training. As providence would have it, a friend handed me the book The Dog Listener by Jan Fennel.

As far as I knew at the time, one training program was as good as another, right? I mean really, how hard can it be? So, being the reader that I am, I dug right in. Lacey was going to be my new “project”.

Black Standard Poodle Being GoodLittle did I know how timely that book was! I was amazed at the wisdom hidden inside those pages! It was truly inspirational.

As Jan helped me understand the personality of a dog, her own personal love for dogs literally beamed forth.

She unlocked the keys to understanding how a dog thinks, and more importantly how you can effectively communicate with your dog.

She talked about the 4 pillars to Amichien Bonding and how they are the key to relieving your dog of the responsibility of being “Alpha Dog” in a world they do not understand. Her approach is so gentle and yet so effective.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who owns a dog.

I was surprised, however, to discover that there was little covered in the book regarding the basic dog commands (ie sit, stay, heel, lay down). What?!

So I found various other sources for that information. We received excellent “hands-on” training from Lori at Sunshine Kennels and K9 Training in Luck, WI.

And armed with a good supply of Lacey’s favorite doggie treats, we mastered the basics fairly easily. Poodles really are very smart dogs.

Dog Grooming

One of the “stipulations” for buying a poodle was that I learn to clip her myself. I’m sure you are aware that dog grooming costs can be prohibitive for some families. The last I checked, it was upwards of $80.00/session for Standard Poodle Grooming.

Black Standard Poodle on Grooming TableNot to worry, though, because I just happen to know someone personally who is a Professional Dog Groomer. She graciously agreed to give me some dog grooming tips specific to poodles.

This is where I should probably forewarn you that poodles are about the highest maintenance dog there is. Be prepared to brush out your dogs’ coat at least 2-3 times per week.

Because Lacey is a black standard poodle, I can get by with bathing about every 4 weeks. Our white poodle needs to be bathed more often. Some poodle owners prefer to just have their Professional Dog Groomer handle that.

But then you’ll still need to trim nails and clean ears at least once a month. Off to the groomers they will go about every 6 weeks for a clipping (unless you opt for doing that yourself, as I have).

The initial cost outlay for dog grooming equipment and supplies can be a little discouraging, but going forward after that you’ll be singing a tune every time your dog hops up onto YOUR grooming table for a FREE haircut!

Recommended Products

Poodle Grooming Basics

Go Fetch

Black Standard Poodle Plays FetchRight from the get-go, Lacey’s favorite pass time was (and still is) playing FETCH. As a puppy, she literally needed about 3-4 workouts a day.

Thankfully we have a large country lot that affords Lacey ample opportunity to chase squirrels and burn off some of that reserve energy.

As a 3-year-old, she still has plenty of energy and will jump at the opportunity to go for a walk or go outside and play.

Black Standard Poodle in Kennel

But now she is also very content to look out the patio window or sleep for hours at a time while I work from home on my computer.

Let me just add here that poodles really thrive on companionship and do not do well as “outdoor dogs” or being routinely left alone for long periods of time.

A Standard Poodle Personality

Regarding Lacey’s personality … it’s very much as you would expect for any large breed dog. People often assume that all poodles are high strung. Not true!

We are able to take Lacey with us almost anywhere we go with complete confidence that she will mind her manners perfectly. Many, many people have commented on how surprised they are to see how truly sweet, gentle and quiet standard poodles are.

We have adult sons – who would deny it if you asked them – but secretly have admitted standard poodles make the perfect family dog.

They are excellent with both adults and children and love nothing more than to chum with other dogs and cats. Here she is – our black standard poodle Lacey with her best friend Tucker.

Black Standard Poodle and Collie

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