Best Dog Brushes for Standard Poodles

Best Dog Brushes for Standard Poodles

What are the best dog brushes for standard poodles? After 10 plus years of grooming standard poodles, here are the top brushes I recommend and why.

It starts with the best slicker dog brushes because if you have a standard poodle, you absolutely need one.

My Favorite Slicker Dog Brushes

1. Chris Christensen Big G Pin Slicker Brush

Dog Brushes - Chris Christensen Big G Pin Slicker Brush
My top favorite dog brush is the large Chris Christensen Big G Pin Slicker Brush (aka Coral Brush).

It comes in either a medium or large size. When I spoke with the folks at Chris Christensen, they recommended the large size for standard poodles and that’s what I use.


  • Curved back helps with movement, control.
  • Ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue.
  • Dense long pins penetrate deep into a poodle’s thick, long coat.
  • Special pin design to help lift coat – great fluffing tool.
  • Removes tough tangles and matts – almost eliminates the need for line brushing.
  • Gentle, flexible cushion base.

This brush really reduces the time it takes to brush out your poodles’ hair (by 40%). The downside is the cost. As a premium dog brush, it costs $64.00.

2. Andis Premium Firm Slicker Brush

Dog Brushes - Andis Premium Firm Slicker Brush

For a more budget-friendly slicker brush, I highly recommend the Premium Firm Slicker Brush by Andis. This one runs for about $5 to $10 and is the best alternative I have found to the more expensive brush above.


  • Perfect for large breed dogs.
  • Fine stainless steel wire bristles remove tangles and matting that other brushes can’t.
  • Easily removes loose, dead hair.
  • Ergonomic handle for reduced hand fatigue.

I used this slicker brush almost exclusively for a long time before purchasing the Big G Slicker Brush.

It does an excellent job of detangling. It just takes a little longer and you may need to do line brushing on the more long or dense areas. If you keep your poodle’s hair quite short, this is all you need.

My Favorite Pin Dog Brush

3. Andis Premium Large Pin Brush

Dog Brushes - Andis Premium Large Pin Brush
Although this Andis Premium Pin Brush doesn’t replace the need for a slicker brush, it’s a great daily grooming tool. It costs between $10 and $15.


  • Ideal for large dogs.
  • Pinhead bristles are gentle on your dogs skin.
  • Removes loose hair and dirt.
  • Helps detangle hair.
  • Stimulates your dogs hair follicles and skin.
  • Ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue.

This brush is very gentle, so it’s an ideal brush for children to use. I clip my dogs in the Royal Dutch Clip and love using it for the short areas of their coat. If you brush your dog every 2-3 days, this brush will go through the coat with no problem.

Why Dog Brushing is Important for Standard Poodles

I hope this helps you in determining the best dog brush for your standard poodle.

Best wishes to you and your four-legged BFF!


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