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Brenda Lillemo About Us
My name is Brenda. And just like many of you, I am a standard poodle owner who loves everything about this very intelligent, regal, comical breed of dog.

I enjoy learning all I can about poodles and sharing what I’ve learned with those of like-minded passion.

Why Standard Poodles?

I have adored poodles (of any size) since I was a third grader. That’s when we moved next door to friends who owned a darling little black Miniature Poodle named “Spooky”. Thus began my first exposure to the breed, followed by a lifelong love affair with poodles.

Standard PoodlesHowever growing up in a family of eight, the chances of adding a “high maintenance” pet to the mix were about NIL!

Ten years later, I married my high school sweetheart and we started a family of our own.

My “Poodle Passion” took a back seat once again to 5 very energetic, beautiful children. And a career. And a mortgage!

But you know what? My family is raised now, and here I am – finally a poodle owner! … In love with my beautiful standard poodles, Lacey and Lucas.

About Lacey About Lucas

Standard Poodles Love to Explore

We own a spacious 2 1/2 acre wooded lot in rural Minnesota, where our dogs have plenty of room to exercise.

Poodles are natural born retrievers, so fetching tennis balls is Lacey’s all-time favorite pastime.

Until they are about 3 years old, standard poodle’s need about 3 good workouts a day to burn off energy and satisfy their passion for fetch.

And there’s always the ever-popular squirrel chase!

Standard Poodle Plays Fetch

Poodles Love to Learn

We have taken Lacey and Lucas from beginner through advanced obedience training classes with a very talented and professional dog trainer/breeder who has over 35 years of experience in training dogs.

Lori, of Sunshine Kennels K9 Training in Luck, WI, has expertise in training dogs for the police department, fire department, search and rescue teams, and therapy dog, just to name a few. We will highlight our experiences in our Dog Obedience Training section (coming soon).

Lacey has also been introduced to Dog Tracking and just loves it. She may have looked a little out of place amidst a group of German Shepherds in the class – we did notice some quizzical glances on the first day – but she definitely held her own.

People are often surprised to learn that Poodles are ranked #2 for intelligence on the AKC website.

Agility Dog PoodleLucas has had an introduction to Agility Training and is a natural at it. With his abundance of energy, we look forward to seeing him advance in this area.


Because Poodles are about the highest maintenance dog there is, I have received hands-on training with a Professional Dog Groomer.

This has been a HUGE cost saving for me as I am able to handle ALL of our dogs’ grooming needs, from bathing to clipping.

Poodle Grooming Basics

Great Travel Companions

Our poodles have had many travel adventures – some of them cross country – and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

Welcome to our website. I hope you enjoy it and find lots of valuable information.
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